Corporate and Guest Wi-Fi Solutions

We provide corporate and guest WiFi solutions that are reliable, secure and legally compliant with EU regulations. This could be for a town centre, or perhaps a public event or office. Make sure your visitors can access Wi-Fi and use the platform to keep your guests informed, capture useful analytics and ensure total connectivity.

The UK Connect Purple Wi-Fi solution

Why our Corporate and Guest Wi-Fi turns heads...

It gives you total control
Corporate access and control through a wireless gateaway
You can customise as you please
Tailor the portal journey, look and feel, allowing you to utilise the platform in whichever way suits you
High levels of security and compliance
Our Wi-Fi access is secure with content-filtering and compliance procedures
Fast installation
Fast installation
Our public and guest Wi-Fi solutions are guaranteed to be fully-functioning and seamlessly active by the time you launch, without delays or hidden costs.
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Our cloud-based platform provides real-time analytics, giving you with an insight into your customers – for example, where they are and what they visit – as well as offering trend data analysis and targeted real-time marketing opportunities.
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Telephony Solutions
Telephony Solutions
The power is in your hands with our Corporate and Guest Wi-Fi: you control who can access it, and you control browsing capabilities for your users.
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Site Office Brochure

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Customer Testimonials

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Why your business should trust UK Connect

A UK leading provider

Although UK Connect is a relativity new player to the telecoms industry, we have one of the fastest growing networks in the UK. Already we are the UK’s leading provider of communications to the construction industry and can boast that our top 6 customers are all FTSE 100 / 250 business’s.

Support you can count on

We pride ourselves on our proactive support. As a leading technology provider we have invested in our 24/7 support centre and as a policy we call all our customers each quarter to ensure you are happy with the service you receive.


We stand by our business and as such have become Ofcom regulated and FCS approved. Both of these regulators ensure that your business is dealt with fairly and legally and ensures we are always upto date with current regulations.

Client Testimonials

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